Where to Eat in Costa Rica

Prados del Sol

San Jose Province, San Jose City

Guanacaste Province

Gunancaste, Guiones, Rosi's Soda Tica, the most authentic Tico food in Guanacaste

Guanacaste, Garza, 6.4km West of Prados Del Sol#160) The Blue Garza restaurant is located on the "Ocean" side of the Highway (Left as you are travelling away from PDS), kitchen open to 10, restaurant open until 11pm, you will find the Blue Garza. Lot's of good food items. My favorite is the Fried Mahi-Mahi with mashed sweet potato.

Everyone told us this is the most authentic Tico "Tipico" food in Guanacaste. We weren't disappointed, it is more expensive than a place like Mauren's soda in San Jose but the food was equally good, and it's just 20 minutes up the 'highway' from Prados Del Sol