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Theft prevention:

We used to have a high loss rate of various items with clients 'accidentally' taking various things. Micro GPS chips are a great tool for the police. By slipping them into the frame of a mirror, or the insides of an appliance, we can give the GPS ID to the Costa Rica police and show them exactly where the item was within the last hour. The battery last for years and can be replaced because it only reports from time to time, but that is plenty good enough for the police to track it down. Won't stop the theft of toilet paper, but does stop a lot of other theft.

And even if the thief thinks they can avoid detection by putting it in a location that GPS and signals can't penetrate, they will fail because the last seen location will show where it was hidden! All of this helps keep our costs down so we can offer you the best possible value for your stay. Even tenants who would have stolen, they still benefit because the cost of replacing stolen items is far higher than the benefit they would get from the stolen item.

World's best, anywhere, internet. Starlink.

We installed Starlink in late 2023. Starlink is a satellite internet constellation developed by SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk. It aims to provide global broadband internet coverage by deploying a network of thousands of small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). These satellites work in conjunction with ground transceivers to establish a high-speed internet connection to users on Earth.

How Fast is Starlink?

Starlink internet offers speeds ranging from 50 to 200 Mbps, although users might encounter slower speeds due to network-related challenges, and according to a testimony I have read it ranges from 25-65Mbps download speed and 2.5-7 upload speed, but if you try to upload a large file, it gets throttled after some arbitrary number of bytes.

Why Starlink?

We chose Starlink because it's more reliable and faster than any other options in our area. With Starlink, we can enjoy a stable and consistent internet connection, along with faster speeds for smooth online activities. It's the best choice for meeting our internet needs.

Prados del Sol is nestled near the coast of Guanacaste, a few minutes up the road between Sámara and Nosara.

Prados del sol is a collection of large 2 bedroom townhouse-style units available for rent in a gated secure complex, just minutes from secluded and popular ‘full amenity’ beaches.

These family oriented bedroom bungalows feature air conditioning, ensuite bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, washer/dryer, outdoor patio with table/chairs. Comparing to many of our neighbors within a 1 hour drive: You can spend a lot more to get a lot less. You can spend the same price to get into places that are much smaller with no kitchen. Many of the less expensive locations can only reliably be reached by vehicle in the dry season – in the green season (rainy) their roads are often not passable! So … while yes we are biased … for quiet, family friendly options, having a relaxing vacation, we have the best combination of price and features.

No smoking and no pets are permitted.

The complex includes free unlimited Wi-Fi & a shared pool and barbeque area. The local grocery stores are very well stocked so you can enjoy the quiet & solitude of home cooking or you can choose from one of the many restaurants located within 15 minutes, and if you need a hardware store – there are two within 10km, one to the West, one to the East.. And even more if you go 20 minutes in either direction. And more if you go 25 or more minutes. Well, you get the idea!

Maid service is available upon request on a weekly basis.

These units give you the experience of a rural Costa Rica setting, away from the noise and ‘action’ of a typical holiday, while giving you easy access to lots of alternatives for more just 15 or more minutes away. We are situated in the middle of a small rural community of 200 people. This is not the ‘downtown core’ experience of San Jose. This is not the ‘Standard Canadian or USA city experience’ of Escazu (near San Jose)

Yet we are located in the middle of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica. Located mid-way (10 km) between the popular tourist destinations of Sámara and Nosara.

You can rent anything you need…quads, horses, fishing boats, surfboards, boogie boards, scuba equipment…the list goes on.

Go on ocean/jungle/river boat tours, zip line through the canopy; enjoy horseback riding on the beach, bird watching, coffee tours, chocolate tours, wind-surfing, sea kayaking, deep sea fishing; take a surf lesson, see up to 1000’s of turtles coming to breed (July to December), visit a wild life reserve, or see beautiful waterfalls.


Our location is 5-10 minutes from several very secluded beaches, and 20 minutes from many more popular beaches.

We are 1 km inland from the Pacific Ocean & the humidity level is less than the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

The sand beaches are beautiful & the water is warm year round, you can just walk into the ocean without any feeling of ‘shock’ – the temperature is wonderful.

Enjoy some of the most captivating coastline scenery on the planet!! Every beach, East or West is different, go to one or two a day.

In order to experience all there is to offer, a vehicle or ATV is desirable. But for 5000 colones you can go daily from the bus depot in San Jose and be dropped off 10 feet from the Prados del Sol front gates.


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