Washer and Dryer

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Created: prior to 2018

There is a washer and dryer behind your unit on your back patio.

To save power, we request that, as much as possible, you use the cloths line to dry your clothing.

Most of the time they work – in which case, please only use your washer and dryer. But Guanacaste is a very humid location and they do frequently need repairs because of the high humidity.

If your washer or dryer is not working, please contact us, if we can’t get it fixed promptly, there are a couple solutions:

  • If there is another unit that isn’t occupied we’ll let you know so you can use that washer or dryer.
  • If they are all occupied, you can ask one of your neighbours, or you can ask us and we’ll try to get permission from one of the other neighbours for you.

Washing powder is in the kitchen or pantry in your unit. It is in a 500ml plastic container. You will typically need about 3TBS (50ml) of washing powder per load.

When you are done, please leave the lid of the washer and door of the dryer open.