More about Prados del Sol

This page is an index to all sorts of great info for those coming to the Prados del Sol units. We want all our guest to have a premium experience, and knowledge is often the key to having the best experience.

For general info that isn’t specific to Prados del Sol including what to do in and around Sámara, Nosara and the Prados del Sol units, please check out the rest of our site. How to get to us from the Liberia (LIR) Airport, the Aeropuerto Internacional Daniel Oduber Quirós. How to get to us from the San Jose (SJO) Airport, the Aeropuerto Internacional Juan Santamaría

General introduction

Thank you for choosing Prados del Sol for your vacation or for living in the country (our longest stay guest stayed 10 years before buying a different property of their own a few miles away.)

When you rent here, you get access to your unit, the street directly in front of your unit (for parking a second vehicle) and shared access to the pool and picnic area. Notice: For Parkings and Pets

Prados del Sol is located between Sámara and Nosara along the pacific coast ‘highway’, in a little village called “Broken Boat” (Barco Quebrado.) Why Broken boat? We have no idea and no one we asked knows either – the coast minutes nearby has beautiful beaches, but perhaps someone made landfall in a broken boat in the distant past.

The gated community has been manned for more than a decade by Marcello (he speaks a little bit of English) and our housekeeper Luz that you can use for your unit one a week.

We ask you to be careful in your use of water, especially in the dry season.

If you would like to find Prados del Sol on google maps, just type in “Prados del Sol, Barco Quebrado, Costa Rica”

We include $200 electrical use in the monthly rental, $50 in the weekly, and$7 in the daily rental. Generally electricity costs are not a problem, but if you use excess power such as running the air conditioner all day and night, you will be billed for electrical use above the above limits. We’ve only had to charge guests about two times, we have been pleased that most of our guests treat our properties like their own.

There are great beaches very close by. Barrigona, a 3-5 minute drive East is called by many the prettiest beach in Costa Rica, Sámara and Nosara about 20-25 minutes East is one of the most popular beaches in Costa Rica as is Guiones (Nosara) about 20-25 minutes West. And there are many other beaches closer than Sámara, Nosara and Guiones – indeed, there is one beach closer than Barrigona.

Each unit has a furnished front porch area, a carport area (so if it is raining you can get in and out of your car) and a back patio area.

Some specific info

Getting in, through the front gate: If our guard is nearby, he will usually open it for you, after asking questions if he doesn’t know you yet. Otherwise – there is a lock box and you will be given the combination with your booking. If you can’t find it – ask before you come. The lock box contains a key, you unlock the gate and put the key back, then open the gate, drive in, then close and lock the gate please.

Using the keys. In some ways this is like the instructions for using a safety belt on a plane but do quickly read it

Parking, there is parking space for 2 vehicles, one in the carport in the front of your unit and one directly in front of the carport.

Notice: For Parkings and Pets

• Washing machine and Dryer

• Pool and shared Picnic

• Pool rules

• Front and Back patios

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