Hitchhiking the Costa Rica Way

Created: 2023.03.10

Cherry blossom

I took this picture shortly after we and they had to stop for an oncoming vehicle.

This couple 'hitched' a ride in Sámara and Nosara and was getting on the truck just before I arrived from behind.

I watched over the next 10 minutes they were thrown back and forth across the truck and the truck weaved to avoid potholes and just the curves in the road. I stayed quite far back in case they were thrown off ... I wanted to be able to stop and not run them over.

Every 30 seconds they tried to get a 'better' hand hold, they were holding on to the cargo net for dear life.

Just before I turned off to go on a side road, the guy banged on the window of the truck to get him to stop.

They had had a great 'Disneyland' style ride (but without the safety features) and decided they had had enough.

I suspect they waited for a better 'in cab' option before continuing up the road to Nicoya.

The police don't worry about this, it is a user beware choice. If you decide to sit in the back of a flat bed truck ... make sure the truck has a really good way for you to make sure you aren't thrown off. This couple was lucky ... the net, with arms and later legs stuck through it, at least made sure they weren't thrown off in front of oncoming traffic (or under my wheels.)

Now for those of you in Canada/USA freaking out thinking "never" ... I'm 61 years old. I remember this being common in the 1970's in Canada and no one gave it a second thought. So it's not that long ago that this could have been a 'common' Canadian picture.

Of course ... there's no snow in this picture...