Front and Back Patios

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Created: prior to 2018

Units 31 to 36 have both front and back patios.

The Front patios are, between the unit and the parking area. Several of the parking areas are covered carports. A couple (units 33 and 36) are just a parking area.

Notice: For Parkings and Pets

The Front patios are considered ‘private’ for the specific unit. You should be able to get good WiFi reception out on the front patio.

The Back patios behind units 31 to 36 are considered ‘semi-private’.

We have a few rules for the back patios:

  • The are open to each other and are great for kids playing. But please make sure your children are not disturbing people in other units. If they are, then please keep them in the space behind your unit. The portion directly under the roof is ‘your’ area. The part that is not under roof is what we consider the ‘shared’ area. The WiFi reception out back is ‘spotty’ at best- you may have to move around to find the best spot, but we are upgrading that over the next year. You are most likely to find it best to be near the wall directly behind 31/32 and 33/34 and 35/36. This means, for the odd number units, 31. 33 and 35 – if you are closer to your Washer you will usually get better reception. If you are in a even numbered unit – being further from your Washer will usually get you better reception. Having said that – my Samsung S9+ gets pretty good reception everywhere so this may not be a problem for you either depending on good quality your device is.
  • The units in general, and back patios in specific are ‘quiet’ areas from 8pm until 9am – unless you know everyone in the other units are already up and won’t be bothered by the noise.
  • There is a shared BBQ, please be courteous, and move the BBQ close to the back wall so smoke doesn’t go into someone else’s unit. Update: We currently don’t have one due to vandalism and people regularly leaving the BBQ on until the tank runs out. We are looking for a new solution.
  • Other than that, we just ask you to be courteous to all.

We reserve the right to add new rules if people in one unit are bothering people in another unit.