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Please see why you should come and visit Costa Rica

Created: 2021.08.19 | Last updated: 2023.02.22

We have some of the "best internet in the country" in our units. Unfortunately, that means we have "OK" internet most of the time, not 'fantastic' internet. We use the best in the area "WiMax" internet. Which works most of the time. Heavy rain and Heavy winds (partly due to power outages that last a few seconds to a few minutes typically) affect it from time to time.

It is still good enough for many Digital Nomads, but we've had a couple people who wanted to do 'minute trading' (A faster version of day trading) and they found the several times an hour slowdowns and several times a day outages (power at our site or the tower we connect to or further in the network) to make the already extremely hard to succeed at 'minute trading' even harder.

For emails, surfing the web, even pushing changes to software development (something our El Presidente does) it is usually more than adequate, but not wonderful. We have been told by several guests that is is the best they have had while in Costa Rica, so that is good, but it isn't something that we are going to brag about.

We were one of the 1st 100 people to sign up for StarLink, the day it was available to be signed up for in Costa Rica - so we'll be one of the first to get a major step upward in quality. It is (as of Feb 2023) scheduled to be available in 2023. So we are hoping it will come in 2023, 2024 at the latest.

So why on Earth would a digital nomad choose our location to work from (we have a couple!)

Simple - wonderful climate.
7 wonderful beaches, all unique, within 30 minutes drive. Even more if you are willing to drive further.
Wonderful food - beans, rice, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables.

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