Can I take my Marijuana?

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Created: prior to 2018


Canada and some US states may have made this drug legal, but don’t expect other countries to, check, any time soon and remember officially the USA has not even though individual states have, so you can’t travel through the USA with it even if the destination allows it.

While we are at it, remember that are lots of other drugs that may be legal in ‘your’ country that are not legal in Costa Rica or in countries you travel through to get there. For example in Canada we have an over the counter drug for travel sickness that in the USA requires a prescription.

Did you know (2018.09.18) US officials are saying that if you admit to using Marijuana before it was legal in Canada that you will receive a lifetime ban – never allowed in/through the US again? Looks like when PM Trudeau JR is no longer PM, he will no longer be allowed in or through the USA since he has publicly declared he has partaken.

While in 2018 Marijuana was the hot topic in Canada due to the prettiest head of state (Trudeau) making Marijuana legal – do NOT expect Canada laws to apply in other countries, and be warned that even though some US States are going against the Federal laws, in the US, federal laws state that Marijuana is illegal and is grounds for a permanent block on your ability to go to the US.

Btw … owning shares in Marijuana industry can result in the same (again circa 2018, that is what US officials are saying.) Basically – it is illegal in the US, so if you are visibly flaunting US laws, don’t expect to be able to go to or through their country ever again.Note that, even if the USA subsequently decriminalizes marijuana, the US officials are saying that you will still be blocked access, the reason is in the last sentence – if you openly flaunt this current law, it is reasonable to assume you will flaunt any USA law you desire, and as a result you obviously should receive a lifetime ban – why on earth would they want to let someone in their country who has clearly indicated they have no problem breaking law? At least, that is the way the US officials in 2018 are explaining it.