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Please see why you should come and visit Costa Rica

Created: prior to 2018

Try the Costa Rica beer, Costa Rica ron (rum), fruit drinks from street vendors, Casado (rice and beans with your choice of pescado (fish)

pollo (chicken) or Carne (Sabo – a meat similar to beef and often called beef/cow or vaca.)

Salad: Means lettuce and some other stuff – no dressing. I like drizzling limon (lime) over top.

My wife and I tried their ‘Imperial’ beer, both the regular and the silver. We aren’t big beer drinkers and were quite surprised at how good they tasted. They also have a light beer but we didn’t try that – we like stronger flavours. I have noticed a difference, Canadians tend to prefer the darker, Americans tend to prefer the lighter. There are some other Costa Rica beers, if you are a beer connoisseur, make sure in Costa Rica you try all their beers before, if you don’t like any of them, you switch to ‘imported’ beers.

We really liked their Café Rica

Cafe Rica

We also tried 2 of their ron’s (Rum) and liked them both, though, used to Jamaican Rum, and various Canadian Rums – we didn’t even think they were rums until a local explained that they were. One tasted like a nice aged Whiskey, the other, I have no way to describe it other than – I never caught on to the fact it was a rum until I was shown.Image